CDRTool version 6.7.1

CDRTool version 6.7.1 has been released. The software contains improvements for compatibility with the latest OpenSIPS and MediaProxy versions and the installation documentation. An installation web page has been created at:

Changelog from 6.6.10

cdrtool (6.7.1) unstable; urgency=low

  • Simplified the sample configuration file
  • Improved installation documentation

cdrtool (6.7.0) unstable; urgency=low

  • Migrated to OpenSIPS, this version is incompatible with OpenSER, do not upgrade to this version if you still use OpenSER
  • Added support for Call Control prepaid application from
  • Normalize the duration of prepaid CDRs to match the duration calculated by Call Control, this avoids price missmatch between debit price and the price calculated during normalization
  • Updated OpenSIPS radius dictionary
  • Updated Freeradius server setup procedure wiht OpenSIPS and MediaProxy dictionaries
  • Added checks for values in rating tables changed from the web page
  • Improved retrieval and display of SIP traces from OpenSIPS
  • Improved retrieval and display of Media traces from MediaProxy
  • Reset the imported records counter before importing each csv file
  • Added new fields in billing_rates connectCostIn and durationRateIn to store the purchased price, the rating info now contains two prices for each call. The CSV format of rating table has been changed to support provisioning of purchased prices. Updated sample csv file for billing_rates.
  • Improved rating documentationin general
  • Moved E164 class to cdr_generic.php and allow specification of which E164 class should be used for each datasource
  • Updated sample configuration files in setup/*.sample
  • Added new columns to prepaid_history to store information about sessions that lead to debit balance
  • Log duration of prepaid sessions in prepaid_history table
  • Removed unused trafficRate from the rating engine and mysql tables
  • Added CallerId to SIP accounts in ENUM generator
  • Added support for new LCR engine from NGNPro4
  • Removed one empty column from ENUM records that had no mappings
  • Added domain column to the prepaid table
  • To upgrade you must apply the changes from doc/Upgrade.txt and setup/mysql/alter_tables.mysql

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