MediaProxy version 2.1.0

MediaProxy version 2.1.0 has been released.

For more information visit: MediaProxy

MediaProxy is a media relay for RTP/RTCP and UDP streams that works in tandem with OpenSIPS to provide NAT traversal capability for media streams from SIP user agents located behind NAT. When using MediaProxy, NAT traversal for RTP media will work without any settings in the SIP User Agents or the NAT router.


mediaproxy (2.1.0) unstable; urgency=low

  • Mention libnetfilter-conntrack in the installation requirements section
  • Added note about using distribution provided kernel images
  • Renamed OpenSER to OpenSIPs
  • Do accounting only after a 200 OK response was received, which is indicated by the presence of the to_tag that is not sent by OpenSIPS for provisional replies, but only with the 200 OK
  • Have synthetic test scripts look for the mediaproxy module in current and parent directories automatically
  • In the synthetic tests have OpenSIPS send the to tag only with 200 OK
  • Added synthetic test script to test provisional responses from two different PSTN gateways with varying to tags
  • Enhanced kernel version parsing to support non-standard named kernels (i.e. major.minor.revision.extra)
  • Updated debian standards version
  • Rephrased description in manual pages and debian control file
  • Restructured and improved documentation to better describe how to install
  • Improved dictionary parsing in RADIUS accounting module
  • Update support section in readme
  • Added management interface for OpenSIPS
  • Fix for relay cleanup timer when dispatcher is restarted
  • Modified dispatcher to store dialog_id for sessions and use the OpenSIPS management interface to send BYEs when a session did timeout
  • Added dialog_id value to test scripts
  • Simplified parsing of headers received from OpenSIPs in dispatcher
  • Fixed ExpireWatcher port comparison to be done as a 16-bit unsigned int
  • Remove all matching iptables entries on Inhibitor dealloc in order to remove stray entries that are leftover after crashes
  • Added per-stream post-dial delay to the session statistics
  • Record the post dial delay from the first stream into radius accounting
  • Added note to INSTALL about official Debian repositories from AG Projects
  • Added note to INSTALL about where to find the changelog
  • Updated the feature list in README with the latest additions
  • Fixed regression from 1.x that prevented chaining of mediaproxies
  • Ignore invalid accounting module names in the configuration and log an error about them instead of raising an exception
  • Gracefully report the errors that occur while reading the radius configuration file and then exit, instead of throwing an exception
  • The radius configuration file may be relative to the config directory
  • Do not cache database inserted rows to avoid the need to clean the cache or otherwise have an ever increasing application memory footprint
  • Capture and report database errors when inserting statistics records
  • Use MyISAM for the media_sessions table
  • Improved the database accounting speed about 3 times using raw queries
  • Create the table for database accounting on startup if it doesn't exist
  • Removed pool_size database option and use a single database connection
  • Reworded the tls README a bit for clarity
  • Added OpenSIPS section to the config.ini.sample
  • Added documentation sections for accounting and closing expired calls
  • Added minimum version dependency for libnetfilter-conntrack in INSTALL
  • Encode applications and codecs from all streams, not only the first one, in the radius accounting backend
  • Log the post-dial delay in radius accounting as Acct-Delay-Time
  • Capture and log radius exceptions