MediaProxy version 2.3.0

MediaProxy version 2.3.0 has been released.

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MediaProxy is a media relay for RTP/RTCP and UDP streams that works in tandem with OpenSIPS to provide NAT traversal capability for media streams from SIP user agents located behind NAT. When using MediaProxy, NAT traversal for RTP media will work without any settings in the SIP User Agents or the NAT router.


mediaproxy (2.3.0) unstable; urgency=low

  • Fixed bug that prevented the dispatcher from trying the next relay in the list, when a relay was unavailable or unusable
  • Read acctport from the radius config file to an integer not to a string
  • Fixed a bug that prevented a call on hold to be resumed in certain cases
  • Don't close the media session when on hold and the contrack rule expires
  • Enhanced graceful shutdown logic and made it reliable:

   - keep all dispatcher connections active until all sessions are gone    - continue to update the list of active dispatchers

  • Changed function signatures to simplify access to the to_tag argument
  • Never return as the IP address to OpenSIPS
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect session counting when errors happen while creating a new session, which could result in connections with obsolete dispatchers being kept open indefinitely
  • Made web page display relay summaries even when there are no sessions
  • Fixed web page to show correct stream counts when there are no sessions
  • Added minimum version build dependendency for libnetfilter-conntrack-dev