SIP SIMPLE client 0.9.0 released

A new release for SIP SIMPLE client is available. For more information see

The changelog is attached:

python-sipsimple (0.9.0) unstable; urgency=low

  • Added upgrade guide: Read this wiki page when upgrading from a previous version
  • Added developer guide:
  • Implemented notifications system from python-application
  • Added event-driven middleware API based on notifications:
  • Added high-level configuration API: Added sip_settings to manage the configuration framework
  • Configuration file config.ini is now deprecated. Use sip_migrate_settings to migrate settings from previous config.ini to the new configuration API
  • Added synchronous API for non-blocking operations
  • Adapted all command line tools to the new APIs
  • Added re-INVITE (hold/un-hold, adding and removing other media types)
  • Added sip_session script that combines MSRP chat and RTP audio in one session, media can be added/subtracted to/from active session. The script can be used for both incoming and outgoing sessions
  • Unify command line arguments for command line tools
  • Added dummy audio device support for systems without sound card
  • Added --auto-answer and --auto-hangup to sip_audio_session script. sip_audio_session script can now be used for scripting alarms that check both siganling and media paths, it can detect missing ACK, negative SIP response codes and missing RTP media after call setup
  • sip_send_file and sip_desktop_sharing temporarily disabled until migrated to the new APIs
  • Added asynchronous DNS lookup module and removed DNS lookups from core
  • Added Session manager to manage multiple SIP sessions
  • Added Account manager to manage multiple SIP accounts
  • Integrated SIP registration into the SIP account
  • Added next hop failover for INVITE and REGISTER methods
  • Made Route argument mandatory in SIP core object creation
  • Allow settable Contact URI for objects in SIP core
  • Better support for server-less scenarios (P2P and bonjour)
  • Added support for TLS in P2P/bonjour mode for both SIP and MSRP
  • Integrated various patches into PJSIP, Eventlet and Greenlet projects
  • Ported eventlet to ARM CPUs, msrp works now on Nokia 810
  • Improved ICE/STUN support and related DNS lookups
  • Improved logging to file and console for SIP, MSRP, PJSIP an core notifications, added runtime control for traces in scripts
  • Added support for draft-ietf-mmusic-file-transfer-mech-11 in msrplib
  • Added support for chunking in msrplib
  • Splited sipclient Debian package into python-sipsimple and sipsimple-cli
  • Numerous bug fixes