ETSI results for the first ENUM plugtest

The ENUM Plugtests event held by ETSI proved that ENUM technology reached a stage where it is important to learn how to interoperate implementations which are now live in different countries and private networks.

It also showed that it is critical for a world-class solution of mapping E164 numbers into IP addressing schemes like ENUM to accommodate the requirements of all parties involved, namely operators, registries and end-users.

Adrian Georgescu, Founder of AG Projects

"We have seen how the provisioning of ENUM entries has an impact upon how Voice over IP applications understand the ENUM data. It is important the Tier 2 provisioning systems follow closely the standards and the existing best practices recommendations specified by ETSI and IETF documents. Most important, the ETSI Plugtests taught us how to improve these best practices and produced important feedback for the fine-tuning of the related standards. The interface between Tier 2 and Tier 1 requires also attention and standardization of registry interfaces can be a key enabler of rolling out ENUM. The feedback from this plug-test will help fine-tune the standardization processes from IETF and ETSI and will contribute to a faster adoption of ENUM."