UNET delivers SIP services with AG Projects Multimedia Service Platform

UNET delivers SIP  services with AG Projects Multimedia Service Platform
January 29-th, 2009, Almere, The Netherlands

**UNET extends its Managed VoIP platform with AG Projects Multimedia Service Platform to deliver scalable and future proof SIP and SIP SIMPLE based solutions. **

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Gert van der Weide, CEO of UNET: “The Multimedia Service Platform offers key technology to our business level hosted VoIP solution. The SIP and SIP SIMPLE technologies connect to our existing platform and prepares it for the future. We believe in offering valuable services in a standardized and easy to use solution. Increase the value, lower costs by standardization, but always keep it simple.” UNET’s Managed VoIP offering is showing a strong growth since it was first introduced in 2005. The hosted solution is ideally suited to smaller and mid sized companies and excels at multi site scenarios. Allowing full replacement of legacy hardware by a manageable, user friendly, simple solution. The Multimedia Service Platform will extend the mostly voice based platform with the technology of the future. “Since 2002, we provide our customers with future proof SIP infrastructures. While we constantly move ahead to spearhead the open source implementations for the most relevant SIP standards, we help our customer stay ahead of their competition with cost effective and scalable solutions”, said Adrian Georgescu CEO of AG Projects.


SIP and SIP SIMPLE are a set of technologies standardized by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). Their goal is to enable Voice, Video, Interactive Messaging and Presence applications by using the popular SIP protocol, which has been embedded in many hardware devices and software solutions. By using SIP protocol is possible to combine in a single scalable solution all relevant real-time communication Internet applications like voice, video, IM and Presence.

About AG Projects B.V.

Based in the Netherlands, AG Projects is a leading European company supplying service providers with turnkey SIP infrastructure systems. Established in 2002, AG Projects has specialized in serving companies like cable operators and Internet service providers, by providing simple solutions for their complex problems. The solutions includes the analysis of requirements, tailoring of our standard products to meet the customer's requirements, project management, implementation, after sales training and support activities. http://ag-projects.com

About UNET B.V.

UNET supplies information and communication services using broadband connections. UNET offers its services internationally and owns multiple fiber optic networks in various large cities in the Netherlands. UNET is a strong promoter of open networks and provides fiber optic access to other service providers. Cooperation with other network providers has strengthened its position as an independent service provider. UNET is strongly focused on offering a solution for business customers and works with a large number of wholesale partners.

Contact information

Adrian Georgescu
Tel: +31-20-8005169
Email: ag@ag-projects.com
Web: http://ag-projects.com

UNET PR rep: Gert van der Weide
Tel: +31 36 8454545
Web: http://www.unet.nl