SIP2SIP is a real time communications service for audio, video, presence, chat, file transfer and multiparty conferencing based on WebRTC, SIP, XMPP and related protocols. The service is free to use based on a fair-use policy and federates with publicly reachable SIP and XMPP domains.


  • Publicly reachable SIP address
  • Audio and Video calls (RTP)
  • IM and File Transfers (MSRP relay support)
  • Contacts Management (XCAP protocol)
  • NAT traversal including ICE support
  • XMPP gateway for all standardised media
  • WebRTC Conferencing (Audio, Video)
  • SIP/MSRP/XMPP conferencing

Several preconfigured clients are available for using the service.

To register your SIP account go to

SIPThor Net

SIPThor Net is a platform operated by AG Projects. We provide the following managed services:

  • Managed SIP Platform
  • DNS & ENUM Management
  • Internet Domain Registration

The platform uses the same components as Multimedia Service Platform. It is easy to migrate from the managed services provided by SIPThor Net to a stand-alone platform deployed at your location.

To access the platform go to