We are a leading global supplier of real-time communication systems since 2002. Our products are used for replacement of classic telephone services, for video and chat conferencing and are used in several vertical markets to address their specific communications needs.

Being specialized in the development and deployment of real-time communications turnkey solutions, we develop, maintain and contribute to several software packages, many available in the public domain, among which are Blink, CDRTool, MediaProxy, MSRP Relay, OpenSIPS, OpenXCAP, SylkServer and libraries for WebRTC, SIP, TLS, XCAP, MSRP and JSON.


Our experience covers signaling protocols, high availability, end-to-end encryption, addressing and numbering systems, provisioning accounting and disaster recovery plans. We build cost-effective infrastructures that are scalable and cost effective to maintain.

Our operational experience distinguishes us from our competitors by the fact that our solutions are properly tested on the public Internet prior deployment to the customer's environments.

We have long time commitments with our customers, the average lifespan of our typical customer is more than five years.