Customers that have a support contract may request support from AG Projects by opening a ticket at:

To open a ticket you must have a login account on AG Projects support system. The login details are provided in the support contract.

How to Open a Ticket

In order to receive prompt and accurate support from AG Projects, please describe a single problem per ticket. Do not mix multiple problems in one ticket.

The ticket must contain minimum the following information:

  1. What is the problem, describe it as accurately as you can
  2. Where the problem occurs - specify the SIP Account, Internet Address, URL or the hostname of the machine that exhibit the problem. In case of failed calls, please specify the Call Id or the name of the CDRTool saved query
  3. When the problem happened, the date and time, if the problem is still in progress and how it can be reproduced (when possible)

To speed up the process, please paste relevant information from the syslog of the machine where the problem occurs.

Online Documentation

The platform usage documentation is available at the wiki site:

Please contact the support address to request access to the wiki site.