CDRTool is an Open Source solution that provides mediation, accounting and tracing for Call Detail Records enerated by OpenSIPS by using RADIUS protocol and OpenSIPS siptrace facility.


CDRTool is a simple to use WEB application, which can be put in service with minimal training of the helpdesk and operations staff. It provides you or your customers, instant access to SIP usage information, traces from CDR level to protocol level, statistics grouped by criteria like release cause, destination or billing parties and can also help determine the source of SIP/ISDN call flows failures. By using CDRTool you can lower to almost zero the response time of your customer support center for VoIP related problems.

Using an on the fly rating engine based on exceptions, different rates may be applied per subscriber, domain or gateway. The rates are linked with profiles corresponding with different time of the day, day of the week or holidays. For rating calls which span multiple profiles, the right rate is selected and applied for the call duration within each profile. Each customer may be assigned its own dedicated rating plans destination id and names. Multiple timezones are supported for multiple billing parties hosted on the same platform. Different fees may be applied based on application type (video or audio).

You may build any billing model for your business based on any combination of bandwidth, destination, application type and duration.

CDRTool is a mature application, as it has several years in production with pan-European voice carriers using it in environments with millions of call detail records.


  • Real-time rating engine
  • Link searches to trouble-tickets
  • Trace calls between gateways
  • Access rights based on subscriber/domain/proxy
  • Data import and export in CSV format
  • Guarantees 100% accurate accounting for Radius CDRs generated by OpenSIPS in combination with MediaProxy regardless of the presence of BYE messages
  • Anti-fraud mechanism for blocking SIP accounts that exceed predefined user quota
  • Interface for third-party B2BUA

Obtaining the software

CDRTool is available under GPL license.

You can download CDRTool from