AG Projects exhibits at ITEXPO 2012

AG Projects exhibits at ITEXPO East 2012 in Miami Beach.We are present at OpenSIPS pavilion booth 535B. Adrian Georgescu and Saúl Ibarra will deliver two `presentations and live demonstrations <>`_ related to SIP multiparty conferencing.


SIP Conferencing Done Right
Adrian Georgescu

11:00-11:45am Wednesday - 02/01/12

This presentation focuses on the IETF standards and open source software tools available to implement multimedia conferencing using SIP and MSRP protocols. Conferencing involves multiple parties and multiple media. Adding, removing and modifying conference media and participants is part of real time communications capabilities of a modern software communications client. The talk covers the theoretical concepts of conferencing with live demonstrations involving Asterisk, OpenSIPS, Blink and SylkServer software

SIP conferencing reloaded
Saúl Ibarra Corretgé

11:00-11:45am Friday - 02/03/12

Traditional conferencing has existed for a number of years now, providing an easy way for participants with an audio/video bridge where they can have a conversation.As the need for using new communications mechanisms grow, the conferencing experience nees to be enhanced as well.Instant messaging and File Transfers using MSRP and presence are two key factors when delivering a unified and contextaware conferencing experience. Rich conferencing can be achieved today with latest standards around the SIP protocol, providing a conferencing experience that goes beyond the tradicional audio mixing experience. The talk will go through the required technologies to deliver such a new conferencing experience.