Future of VoIP 2007

Michiel Leenaars and Adrian Georgescu organize the second edition of Future of VoIP.

The SIP protocol is now revolutionizing the way we communicate in our everyday life. Just as various network and messaging systems that forged the today's Internet merged and followed a single standard, the need for interoperability between walled garden real-time communication islands like Skype, MSN, Yahoo, Google and the telecom industry spearheaded SIP as the protocol to bridge and realize inter-domain seamless communications across the Internet.

Together with other protocols and standards like ENUM, SIMPLE and Jabber, the convergence between mobile and fixed networks, IM, Presence, voice and video communications will finally take place. The next generation of SIP enabled mobile devices will put everything into the hands of the end-user.


  • Michel de Boer (Twinklephone)
  • David Bryan (co-chair IETF P2PSIP WG, Sipeerior)
  • Adrian Georgescu (AG Projects)
  • Bert Hubert (Power DNS)
  • Olaf Kolkman (NLnet Labs)
  • Ytsen Kooistra (YBK)
  • Michiel Leenaars (Internet Society)
  • Dan Pascu (AG Projects)
  • Hendrik Rood (Stratix)
  • Antoin Verschuren (SIDN)

For more information visit http://isoc.nl/activ/2007-FoV-II/