Blink 0.16 Released

There is a new release of Blink with a major new feature, Audio Conferencing. The software will auto-update itself with the version. If you wish to manually upgrade before the auto-update feature kicks in, go to menu Blink -> Check for Updates...

This version adds VoIP User Conference contact to the initial Contacts List so that you can easily connect in wide-band to the weekly VUC event (for more information visit

Version 0.16.0

March 17th, 2010, the VUC edition

  • Added VUC address in the test Contacts created at first run
  • Added Audio Conferencing, use drag and drop to manage participants
  • Added SMS replication among all registered Blink instances
  • Added information about ICE negotiation in Logs RTP Window
  • Added RTP end-points and ICE candidates in the audio codec tooltip
  • Added RFC3326 REASON header and use it for Calls Answered Elsewhere
  • Added a new default outbound ringtone different than the inbound
  • Fixed Answering Machine behaviour when switching audio sessions
  • Fixed wrong offering of ICE in response to non-ICE offers when ICE enabled
  • Fixed freezing caused by controlling iTunes playback in the same GUI thread
  • Fix chat window tab matching when no contact is found in the Contacts List
  • Fixed CPIM parsing for SIP URIs having @ in the Display Name
  • Fixed counting for number of un-read messages in SMS window tabs