Blink 0.19 Released

Blink 0.19.0 is out with many bug fixes and improvements. The software will auto-update itself with the version. If you wish to manually upgrade before the auto-update feature kicks in, go to menu Blink -> Check for Updates...

Version 0.19.0

June 24th, 2010

  • Added support for MSRP Alternative Connection Model (ACM)
  • Enhance iTunes pause/resume behavior with chat streams
  • Do not propose the bonjour group when adding contacts
  • Avoid printing stream failure reason twice in chat window
  • Improved resilience against provisioning of broken TLS certificates
  • Fixed contact icon deletion
  • Fixed handling stream renegotiation in Chat Controller
  • Fixed escape of # sign for URLs in Chat window
  • Fixed deletion of STUN servers from the list
  • Change column header from Hostname to IP address for STUN server list
  • Fixed race when NAT type detection is initiated before SIPApplication starts
  • Fixed ICE proposal detection when ICE attributes are set at session level
  • Fixed handling of the case when no ICE candidates were chosen
  • Added NAT detector to SIPApplication object
  • Only accept IP addresses for the STUN server list
  • Remove notifications sent when stream ended while starting/initializing
  • Fixed use of the Reason header for determining call disconnect reason
  • Fixed handling of audio stream added to conference
  • Generate notification when Session ended while stream was starting/initalizing
  • Fixed starting of recording on AudioStream while on session is on hold
  • Moved MSRP transport settings to the account level
  • Fixed MSRP transport used for contacting the MSRP relay
  • Fixed error message in SIPProxyAddress configuration data type
  • Modified DNSLookup to not timeout completely if NS queries fail
  • Hide Route header when sending requests out
  • Fixed adding/removing ports on a bridge after stop was called
  • Improved hold/unhold cascading in Session
  • Rework ChatController notification handling
  • Improved NAT detector
  • Synced code with SIP SIMPLE client SDK 0.15.0 release