Blink 0.20.3 Released

Blink 0.20.3  is available with bug fixes and improvements. The software will auto-update itself with this new version. If you wish to manually upgrade before the auto-update feature kicks in, go to menu Blink -> Check for Updates...

Version 0.20.3

November 9th, 2010

  • Added setting Account -> SIP -> Always Use My Proxy
  • Improved resilience during poor connectivity conditions
  • Check validity of TCP and TLS port in Preferences
  • Check validity of TLS certificates in Preferences
  • Allow only supported sample rates for the audio device in Preferences
  • Set MSRP Relay address setting default port to 2855 in Preferences
  • Removed obsolete TLS protocols from Preferences
  • Retry MWI Subscription in 3 hours in case of failure instead of stopping it
  • Do not route to unsupported transport returned from DNS lookup
  • Prefer the server advertised voicemail URI over the user setting
  • Fixed a random crash in the contact model
  • Fixed bugs in Bonjour Neighbourhood's discovery mechanism
  • Publish all supported SIP transports in Bonjour advertisement
  • Fixed overlapping buttons after collapsing the main interface
  • Fixed toggling of Silent setting while in a call
  • Fixed the file upload form element in the SIP settings page
  • Improved the display of failure reason for failed File Transfers
  • Disabled ICE by default, it causes reseting some SIP ALG routers
  • Disabled voice activation detection
  • Improved helper text in the main search box
  • Fixed RTP and SIP port boundry checks
  • Many bug fixes inherited from the latest SIP SIMPLE client SDK

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