CDRTool version 8.0.0

CDRTool version 8.0.0 has been released. The software contains bug fixes and new features related to the rating engine logic.


cdrtool (8.0.0) unstable; urgency=low

Rating Engine

  • Fixed deblocking of users blocked by quota system
  • Apply the database changes from setup/mysql/alter_tables.mysql
  • Added support to debit balance for SMS
  • Separate calculate functions for Audio and SMS
  • Added import function for billing discounts
  • Added discounts per customer per destination
  • Added increment and min_duration per customer
  • Added daily_quota per data source setting and check quota usage based on it
  • Enlarged the login column in log table
  • Set daily_quota for new installations to 10%
  • Init the quota usage for today to 0 after quota reset
  • Improve syslog message for maxsessiontime
  • Use Subscriber instead of Account in rating tables display for consistency
  • Added discounts to the list of csv files to import
  • Rename profile name variables to match weekday and weekend
  • Added storage for daily quota
  • Log to syslog the result of maxsessiontime even if call is unlimited
  • Use sms or audio rate calculation depending on CDR type during normalization

NGNPro Client

  • Hide Prepaid Card form for embedded clients
  • Define groups for enrollment of sip account in configuration
  • Use sender email when asking for cc payments

WEB Output

  • Trim RPID for whitespaces
  • Renamed applicationType to application and fixed display of streams information
  • Improved look and feel of main menu
  • Fixed broken main css
  • Added MediaInfo selection box and beautify code a bit
  • Fixed display of gateways in delete rules screen
  • Improved documentation
  • Improved display of media trace stream sequence
  • Refactor rating engine to use Region to group destinations
  • Update Blink logo

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