MSRPRelay version 1.0

The first stable release of MSRPRelay, an Open Source implementation of IETF standard RFC 4976 is available.

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MSRP relay is an extension to the MSRP protocol (RFC 4975). Its main role is to help NAT traversal of Interactive Messaging and file transfer sessions for SIP/MSRP endpoints located behind NAT.


  • Removed per-domain configuration and certificates in favour of detecting the SIP domain from the To-Path. This assumes SRV records are used to look up the MSRP relay. This also elimites the need for using the TLS server name extension.
  • Removed any references to CAs and CRLs.
  • Simplified certificate generation.
  • Cleaned up test script directory.
  • Added own runtime directory in /var/run to store runtime files.
  • Added commandline option to specify the name of the config file to read.
  • Fixed the "memory" backend to support domain names.
  • Added username@domain and total session bytecount to logging output.
  • Several miscellaneous fixes based on field experience.