SIP SIMPLE client SDK 0.15.0 released

There is a new release for SIP SIMPLE client SDK available, version 0.15.0. This version incorporates fixes for the bugs discovered at SIPIT26 and new features implemented since the previous release.


python-sipsimple (0.15.0) unstable; urgency=low

  • Updated documentation
  • Added Acknowledgments section
  • Added support for MSRP Alternative Connection Model
  • Added NAT detector to SIPApplication object
  • Don't fail a DNS lookup if an IP address is provided
  • Made filename argument of start_recording mandatory
  • Added proposed_streams attribute to SIPSessionGotAcceptProposal
  • Hide Route header when sending requests out
  • Fixed adding/removing ports on a bridge after stop was called
  • Improved SIPURI with pickling and matching capabilities
  • Improved hold/unhold cascading in Session
  • Modified WavePlayer and WaveRecorder to allow unicode objects as filename
  • Fixed crash when system has no soundcard at all
  • Added ability to select PortAudio revision
  • Fixed use of the Reason header for determining call disconnect reason
  • Fixed handling of stream added to conference
  • Only accept IP addresses for the STUN server list
  • Moved MSRP transport setting to the account
  • Fixed ICE support detection
  • Added configuration instructions for audio device sharing in Linux
  • Fixed starting of recording on AudioStream while on hold
  • Fixed MSRP transport used for contacting the relay
  • Fixed error message in SIPProxyAddress configuration data type
  • Modified DNSLookup to not timeout completely if NS queries fail
  • Modified AudioMixer so that it keeps the sound device open on MacOSX 10.6
  • Added permanent references to AudioStream to keep pjsip from crashing
  • Fixed Bonjour neighbour discovery handling
  • Improved sRTP negotiation capabilities
  • Fixed the build process on MacOSX 10.6
  • Split the installation instructions for Debian and Ubuntu
  • Split the installation instructions for MacOSX 10.5 and 10.6
  • Allow use of cython 0.11.2
  • Fixed handling of missing ACK in Session
  • Fixed dialog rules payload namespace
  • Added pjmedia patch not to close a media stream too fast
  • Allocate thread descriptor from pool in portaudio callback
  • Fixed receiving a BYE without receiving a final response to INVITE

python-msrplib (0.12.0) unstable; urgency=low

  • Fixed build dependency
  • Lower the MSRP connection timeouts to 10 seconds
  • Added support for MSRP Alternate Connection Model

python-xcaplib (1.0.14) unstable; urgency=low

  • Use timestams instead of a Timer to check if cached queries are old
  • Adapt to httplib and socket API changes in Python 2.6

sipclients (0.15.0) unstable; urgency=low

  • Fixed xcap_diff settings name
  • Exit if 489 is received for xcapdiff subscription
  • Reworked xcap-icon options and fixed document selector
  • Fixed dialog-rules auid
  • Added ICE debug to the console output
  • Improved formatting of long configuration values
  • Improved error handling in sip-subscribe-winfo
  • Fixed calls to AudioStream.start_recording
  • Use the builtin NAT detector
  • Avoid error when printing session duration if it failed to start
  • Release reference to session when it ended abnormally