SIP SIMPLE client SDK 0.18 released

There is a new release for SIP SIMPLE client SDK available, version 0.18.0 with new multimedia conferencing features, bug fixes and many improvements.


python-sipsimple (0.18.0) unstable; urgency=low

  • Added support for out-of-dialog REFER
  • Added add/remove participants functionality to Session
  • Added support for Subject header
  • Fixed accepting incoming subscription without any initial content
  • Fixed exception when NAT type detection is attempted without connectivity
  • Fixed conference event subscription for Bonjour account
  • Fixed exceptions when contact URI can't be built for the desired route
  • Fixed subscription locking issues
  • Set remote focus on incoming session, if applicable
  • Fixed building header body with parameters without value
  • Fixed building UAC and UAS dialogs when headers contain parameters
  • Fixed setting contact header parameters for subscription
  • Hide route header for outbound SUBSCRIBE requests
  • Fixed crashes and increased resilience when connectivity is lost
  • Fixed exception classes not to update their internal dict
  • Relax check on SDP origin to increase interoperability
  • Save XCAP journal after each commited operation to avoid loosing it
  • Reset XCAP journal when account id changes
  • Don't use contact URI when building conference Referral and Subscription
  • Fixed bug where settings with dynamc IDs were not saved in some cases