AG Projects and Voice System partnership

AG Projects and Voice System announce the availability of the first integrated NGN communication platform based on SIP protocol. “AG Projects NGN service platform” is a complete solution for carriers and telecom companies offering VoIP services to the residential market. Using the SIP protocol and based on Open Source components, it enters competition with traditional telecom vendors of carrier-class systems.

Haarlem, the Netherlands - December 6-th, 2004

“AG Projects NGN service platform” provides a carrier class scalable platform and includes the most tested individual components of the SIP vendor market. The components are SIP Express Router for SIP signaling, distributed MediaProxy for NAT traversal, CDRTool for accounting, Managed DNS for ENUM routing and NGN-Pro, a SOAP/XML integrated provisioning/accounting engine for all components.

SIP Express Router, a project emerged from FOKUS institute in Berlin, is the most mature SIP Proxy/Registrar solution with more than 3 years of real-life deployments. Voice System provides next to available open source SER components the carrier class SIP features required by telecom service providers and a dynamic platform for future developments. AG Projects components complete the signaling core with the necessary front-ends for distributed provisioning, interfaces for accounting, ENUM number translation and NAT traversal.

Adrian Georgescu, Founder of AG Projects says:

“AG Projects strategy is to help carriers migrate to NGN by providing environments with the same performance and reliability as classic TDM solutions. Our platform addresses the high-availability and redundancy requirements of our target customers. We protect the investment of our customers by providing disaster recovery plans and the source code of our products. SIP protocol and its extensions have already become the natural successor for PSTN signaling protocols. Wanting to secure the support and developments of new SIP features from an experienced company, we came across Voice System. With the help of the core developers of SIP Express Router our offering becomes the most mature and tested communications platform on the market”

Ramona Modroiu, Co-Founder of Voice System:

"Our goal is to add reliability and substance to NGN environments. Based on a cost-effective strategy, we supply solutions that combine high-availability and performance with advanced service creation capability. Voice System brings comprehensive knowledge inherited from years of hands-on experience in the VoIP area, enriched by a tight involvement in the open source development of SIP Express Router, the most popular and powerful SIP implementation. In order to meet the demand for complete solutions, from ITSP’s to telecom providers, we teamed up with AG Projects. Together with their billing and provisioning engine we provide the most powerful and versatile VoIP system in the world"

About AG Projects

AG Projects is based in Haarlem, the Netherlands. Established in 2002, it provides consulting, products and managed services for telecommunication industry. For more information visit

About Voice System

Voice System is a "know-how" player in the VoIP (Voice over IP) area. In the fast changing world of telecommunication, Voice System brings substance and value to the latest open VoIP standards. Merging telecom with the Internet, binding present into the future, Voice System provides high-performance infrastructure for VoIP communication, based on cost-effective Open Source integrated solutions. For more information visit