AG Projects provides NAT traversal solution of SER

AG Projects announces the launch of next generation Media Proxy which allows geographic distribution, redundancy and load balancing of NAT traversal for Voice and Video over IP.

March 1, 2004 - Haarlem, the Netherlands

AG Projects solution provides an answer to the growing demand for long distance Voice over IP traffic. VoIP providers have discovered that their customer base can expand and cross the traditional market models. If traditionally, the focus of a Telecom company is on the local market and the international traffic was only the privilege of major carriers, today’s technology opens the last mentioned niche to entrepreneurs around the world. This expansion requires a different approach when dealing with media streams and associated NAT traversal techniques. While it makes perfect sense to use a central location for the call signaling (the SIP Proxy), this logic does not apply well for the NAT traversal. Customers located on different continents will experience low quality should their voice traffic need to pass through a Media Proxy located on a remote location. For example, the round trip time of IP packets from Japan to Europe can exceed 300ms and beyond this limit the delay may become unacceptable.

AG Projects solution makes use of existing technologies like DNS to distribute the load of the media streams to the right server. Different NAT traversal servers may be selected based on geographical location. The concept is a natural extension of the SIP signaling model which is also using SRV records to locate the Proxy/Registrar for a given domain.

Adrian Georgescu, founder of AG Projects says:

We use standard SRV records which we can set per domain. Any DNS server supports this arrangement. We may assign priorities and weights to different servers to achieve redundancy and load balancing. Our solution is crafted to work with the SIP Express Router from IPTEL. Our customers prefer Open Source solutions and we have adjusted to their needs.

We support both audio and video streams and accounting of network traffic.

With our solution, new applications like prepaid Video calls become possible. Our solution is cost effective when compared to similar commercial solutions where per call licensing models are too expensive to provide the advantages of our solution. We also provide Media Proxy as a hosted solution in our facilities in Amsterdam.

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