AG Projects selected by ANISP

AG Projects selected by ANISP to build the ENUM provisioning platform for top level domain (ITU +40 country code)

Bucharest, Romania – May 8, 2006

ANISP, the Romanian Internet Service Provider Association representing more than 40 service providers ( has awarded AG Projects to build the ENUM platform for provisioning of the ENUM tree The Romanian ENUM exchange will be hosted in two RoNIX locations (Romanian Network for Internet eXchange) and will be backed up by an infrastructure hosted within the European backbone. The is under the authority of the Romanian regulatory body ANRC, which by end of this year planned to define the final procedures of delegation and administration of the public ENUM tree

Mihai Batraneanu, President of ANISP:

We selected AG Projects to provide infrastructure ENUM and SIP peering services to facilitate on-net multimedia sessions between Romanian VoIP operators. We believe that Internet standards combined with the use of global identities like E.164 numbers in the official tree are the key to enable transition from the classic PSTN to rich-media IP services like voice and video over IP” says Mihai Batraneanu, President of ANISP.

Adrian Georgescu, Founder and CEO of AG Projects:

Infrastructure ENUM is an important step for enabling Internet voice, video and interactive messaging while using the existing telephone numbering plan. Infrastructure ENUM leads to major cost savings in comparison to classic interconnect agreements and enhances the quality of the voice communications between service providers.

The use of infrastructure ENUM within the official ENUM tree for country code +40 also opens the possibility for seamless number portability between PSTN and VoIP operators", says Adrian Georgescu,

AG Projects 'Multimedia Service Platform' provides a carrier class scalable ENUM/SIP platform and includes the most tested individual components of the SIP vendor market. The components are OpenSER for SIP signaling, MediaProxy for NAT traversal, CDRTool for accounting, Managed DNS for ENUM routing and NGN-Pro, a SOAP/XML integrated provisioning/accounting engine for all components.

AG Projects components complete the signaling core with the necessary front-ends for distributed provisioning, interfaces for accounting, ENUM number translation and NAT traversal.


Established in 2001, ANISP is a non-profit organization formed by the community of the Romanian Internet Service Providers. Its scope is to represent and promote the interests of more than 40 ISP in Romania. For more information visit

About AG Projects

AG Projects is based in Haarlem, the Netherlands. Established in 2002, it provides turnkey solutions and managed services for Cable companies, Internet service providers and Telecom operators. For more information visit


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