Budget Phone Company selects AG Projects

Budget Phone Company selects AG Projects integrated solution for ENUM and Voice over IP.

Leiderdorp, the Netherlands, (February 20, 2004)

Budget Phone Company B.V. announced today that it will use AG Projects Managed DNS platform to deliver Voice over IP services to the Dutch residential market. “The speed of getting to the VoIP market at this moment is a critical factor. AG Projects could celiver an easy to deploy solution for management of ENUM, Voice over IP subscribers and firewall traversal. We have chosen AG Projects for their quick development cycle, the transparency of their processes and the disaster recovery plan they have in place”, says Alexander Blom, the CEO of Budget Phone Company.

Alexander Blom:

Working together with AG Projects, we have been able to integrate VoIP into our existing web based business processes and to add a number of nice-to-haves to the functionalities of our product offering along the way. The result is a very billable VoIP product range, which we expect will prove to be of great interest both to the residential market and to our wholesale (carrier) customers.

Adrian Georgescu, founder of AG Project says:

We know our customers rely heavily on us for running critical services which their business depend on. We have shaped our services and processes to keep into account exactly this factor. With the first commercial deployment of ENUM in the Netherlands and our operational experience to back their business plan, we are confident that Budget Phone Company will accomplish their goals in conquering the Dutch residential market.

About Budget Phone Company

Budget Phone Company is a Dutch telecommunications company, founded in 1996, and providing subscriptions and prepaid cards to the Dutch residential market. Originally the consumer department of now defunct US based Global Telecommunications Systems, it became an independent company in 2001. BPC’s strength lies in its real-time web-based billing solutions with which it provides services to a growing number of international carriers, among which Dutch incumbent KPN. For more information visit http://www.budgetphone.nl or contact:

Alexander Blom

About AG Projects

AG Projects provides consulting and managed services focused on the convergence of Telecom and Internet into the Next Generation Networks. AG Projects Managed DNS(TM) is a reliable and low cost integrated solution for managing DNS zones, Internet domains, Voice over IP and Telecom numbering plans. Managed DNS has been designed to support DNS zones, UMTS (IP version 6), SIP Signaling, ENUM and Internet domain registration. With presence in multiple geographical locations, redundant components, a version control system and a disaster recovery plan, it provides a high-availability carrier class infrastructure.

For more information visit http://ag-projects.com or call +31-20-8005299