Euroweb Romania selects AG Projects

Euroweb Romania and AG Projects announcing the first SIP-based PSTN/Internet fully interoperable voice-service in Eastern Europe.

Bucharest, Romania October 25-th, 2004

Starting with November 2004, Euroweb Romania the leading data wholesaler in Romania, plans to launch the IP telephony services, functional in both Internet and  PSTN environments. The service – called Eurovoice – will be available first to the business / corporate segment and after one month to the residential segment.

Euroweb’s new range of SIP services, developed using AG Projects platform, will come to reinforce the company’s efforts in repositioning from exclusively wholesale Internet/data to retail/business segment.

Catalin Scarlat, Euroweb’s Marketing Director says:

We are expecting a significantly impact over the Romanian telecom and Internet markets following the service launching, due to the SIP technology uniquely delivered benefits to end-user, such accessibility and cost-effectiveness, high addressability in terms of applications type, services integration degree, simplicity and interoperability. The provisioning is taking less than half of minute and the time between service activation to the user’s first call is no more than 2 minutes, thanks to comprehensible setup requirements, even for an  inexperienced user. Put on top of this the fact that Eurovoice subscriber will be able to see online and instantly the calls  performed or even in progress and the fact that no tariffs will be applied for calls inside network and you will understand why we are expecting great interest for Eurovoice service. If still not convinced, I will add only that Eurovoice network is no more, no less than the whole worldwide Internet” said Catalin Scarlat.

Claudiu Amortoaie, Euroweb’s Technical Director:

For the last four months we’ve made sure that the service is perfectly functional using the infrastructure of the other ISPs in Romania and also from abroad. Also availability of the service within business intranets was approached and solved, employing a NAT traversal system able to deliver the service even to private IP environments

Of course we have to face few inherent challenges especially when dealing with business segment, in terms of assuring quality of service over third parties infrastructure but this is our every day job anyway as business ISP, Euroweb’s experience of more than 10 years within Romanian Internet market being a strong guarantee in this respect. Regarding the service delivering over Euroweb infrastructure, the quality is 100% assured and 24/7 monitored to a regular digital PSTN line level.

Adrian Georgescu, Founder and CEO of Dutch based AG Projects said:

"I am glad that Romania moved ahead other countries in deploying a fully operational ENUM system. Linking various SIP islands using ENUM is the way forward to increase the acceptance of SIP and help transition from classic to IP based telephony"