Multikabel selects AG Projects

Multikabel selects AG Projects Multimedia Service Platform for VoIP services based on SIP and ENUM.


Multikabel ( an innovative and dynamic Dutch cable company, which offers today television, internet and telephony, has chosen AG Projects ( to build their VoIP platform based on SIP and ENUM. AG Projects Multimedia Service Platform is a turnkey solution for carriers, telecom and Internet service providers offering VoIP services to the residential market. Using the SIP and ENUM protocols and based on Open Source components, it offers an integrated carrier-class VoIP system.

Ritzo Holtman, COO of Multikabel:

“With this solution of AG Projects we are able to timely target this changing and fast growing market in a flexible, scalable and cost effective way.”

"Standards like SIP and ENUM will enable the new revolution in telecommunication, and we are pleased to be part of this innovation and to be able to offer new and better services to our customers against attractive prices. The interconnect with the Dutch SIP-Exchange will be realized as soon as it is operational."

Adrian Georgescu, Founder and CEO of AG Projects:

"AG Projects solutions are based on open source components, which are being thoroughly tested on Internet by millions of users every day and give us access to a large developer community and knowledge base. Multikabel made an important step to move to voice, video and Interactive Messaging services via internet based on open standards like SIP and ENUM protocols".

"I am pleased Multikabel selected AG Projects, confirming our innovative role in the cable industry."

AG Projects strategy is to provide carriers and ITSP's with a flexible, scalable and cost-effective alternative to the IMS concept. SIP Thor, the upgrade path of Multimedia Service Platform provides survivability and scalability of SIP communications. SIP Thor is able to serve a base of multi-million subscribers bypassing the traditional barriers that today clustering and load-balancer models face.

AG Projects Multimedia Service Platform provides a carrier class integrated and scalable SIP platform and includes the most tested individual components of the vendor market. The components are OpenSER, distributed MediaProxy for NAT traversal, CDRTool for accounting, Managed DNS for ENUM routing and NGN-Pro, a SOAP/XML integrated provisioning/accounting engine for all components. OpenSER, a project emerged from FOKUS institute in Berlin, is the most mature SIP Proxy/Registrar solution with more than 4 years of real-life deployments. AG Projects components complete the signaling core with the necessary front-ends for distributed provisioning, interfaces for accounting, ENUM number translation and NAT traversal.

About Multikabel

Multikabel and subsidiaries ( provides broadband media and communication services to consumers and companies within the Netherlands. Multikabel is a complete provider of (digital) television, internet and telephony via its own cable network. With 400 employees, an innovative strategy and growth potential Multikabel serves at the moment RTV services to 315,000 subscribers, internet services to 155,000 subscribers and telephony to 60,000 subscribers mostly in Noord-Holland.

About AG Projects

AG Projects is based in Haarlem, the Netherlands. Established in 2002, it provides solutions and managed services for the Internet and telecommunication industry. Having a broad experience in IP and telecom technologies, AG Projects is a skilled vendor able to provide most of the key infrastructure elements required to provide real-time SIP communication services like voice, video and Interactive Messaging over IP. AG Projects provides scalable SIP and ENUM solutions, which you would normally purchase from multiple vendors together. AG Projects is part of AG Next and has a team of competent programmers and partners who are continuously improving and innovating their components, solutions and technologies.