P2P-Next delivers world class real-time communication toolkit based on SIP SIMPLE suite of protocols

Press Release

Haarlem, July 1st, 2010. P2P-Next delivers world class real-time communication toolkit based on SIP SIMPLE suite of protocols.

SIP as a real-time protocol has been designed to be independent of the type of media supported in the end-points and is Peer-To-Peer in nature, each client can become a server for other end-points. As of today, SIP protocol has been largely use only for voice over IP applications as a replacement for classic telephony.

This has changed today by the development of SIP SIMPLE client SDK. Developed by AG Projects, SIP SIMPLE client SDK is a Software Development Kit for easy development of Real Time Applications based on SIP and related protocols for Presence, High Definition Audio and Video, Instant Messaging (IM), File Transfers and Desktop Sharing. Other media types can be easily added by using an extensible high-level API.

By combining different media within a single SIP session, and employing a state of the art NAT traversal solution that resides in the end-points based on Interactive Connection Establishment (ICE), in a consolidate high level Middleware API, adding real-time communications capabilities to Internet end-points becomes an easy and affordable task.

“We wish to unlock the power of SIP protocol and prove that it is a valid future-proof alternative for the otherwise closed or client-server only solutions available on the market today. Being part of P2P-Next project made this possible”, said Adrian Georgescu, Founder and CEO of AG Projects.

The software is now available for download from http://sipsimpleclient.com

P2P-Next in a nutshell

P2P-Next will develop an open source, efficient, trusted, personalized, user-centric and participatory television and media delivery mechanism with social and collaborative connotations using the emerging P2P paradigm, which takes into account the existing EU legal framework. The P2P-Next project will run over four years, and plans to conduct large-scale technical trials of new media applications running on a wide range of consumer devices. If successful, this ambitious project could create a platform that would enable audiences to stream and interact with live content via a PC or set top box. In addition, it is our intention to allow audiences to build communities around their favourite content via a fully personalized system.

The project has an open approach towards sharing results. All core software technology will be available as open source, enabling new business models. P2P-Next will also address a number of outstanding challenges related to content delivery over the internet, including technical, legal, regulatory, security, business and commercial issues. P2P-Next is partly funded by the European Commission under grant FP7-IST-216217.