SIP SIMPLE gains traction through a reference open source implementation

November 25-th, 2008 Bucharest, Romania and Haarlem, Nederland The combined solution of OpenSIPs and OpenXCAP provides today the reference SIP SIMPLE server implementation. By developing this solution based on open-standards in an open source model, the customers are offered a future proof and business safe alternative compare to traditional closed vendor solutions.

The SIP SIMPLE server solution is provided through the cooperation between AG Projects and Voice System, cooperation, which has been cemented after the successful interoperability tests held at SIPT 23-rd in Lannion, France. The software is available for download from and


SIP SIMPLE is a set of technologies standardized by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). Its goal is to enable Interactive Messaging and Presence applications by using the popular SIP protocol, which has been embedded in many hardware devices and software solutions. By using SIP protocol also for Presence, it is finally possible to combine all relevant real-time communication possibilities that can be offered over the Internet like voice, video, IM and Presence into one single end-user application.

With eight active developers from both companies and a clear roadmap for the future development of both client and server side IM and Presence applications, we are providing to our customers the guarantee for a safe growth. The successful collaboration between our companies has started back in 2005, by working together with Voice System we leverage on each other’s strength, said Adrian Georgescu CEO of AG Projects.

The main goal of OpenSIPS as project is to deliver answers and solutions for real world demands. To deliver a fully working Presence Server application suite that can be the answer for most of the providers looking for a reliable and easy way to run SIP Presence services. The key word for us is to provide ready-to-use solutions that guarantee 100% interoperability in the vast world of SIP.

Such goal can only be archived via extensive collaboration and teaming with other SIP players, says Bogdan Iancu core developer of OpenSIPS, CEO of Voice System.

About AG Projects B.V.

Based in the Netherlands, AG Projects is a leading European company supplying service providers with turnkey SIP infrastructure systems. Established in 2002, AG Projects has specialized in serving companies like cable operators and Internet service providers, by providing simple solutions for their complex problems. The solutions includes the analysis of requirements, tailoring of our standard products to meet the customer's requirements, project management, implementation, after sales training and support activities.

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About Voice System S.R.L.

Voice System is one of the new generation companies deeply involved the Open Source world. Starting in 2005 by founding and developing the OpenSER project and continuing with OpenSIPS in 2008, the vision of Voice System is to transfer the   knowledge it posses to the operators from the SIP market; knowledge in its pure form as consultancy and training services, or condensed in ready-to-use VoIP products - products to offer complete and professional solutions based on Open Source software. After all the knowledge is the essence of progress. For more, visit , ,

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