AG Projects selected by Tellfree Brasil

AG Projects has been selected by Tellfree Brasil to provide SIP telephony services to 60000 South-American enterprise customers.


Tellfree Brasil, one of the main IP telephony companies in Brazil, focused on the South American corporative market and with a unique business strategy, based on a broad franchising network, awarded AG Projects ( to build their VoIP service based on SIP and ENUM protocols by using 'Multimedia Service Platform'.

According to Mr. Daniel Duarte, Founder and CEO of Tellfree Brasil, among all the solutions analyzed, the Multimedia Service Platform of AG Projects was the best and the most complete option.

We selected AG Projects 'Multimedia Service Platform because it is a stable and robust solution that provides us with innovative services, such as video, calls control through enum, real time resilient system and load balancing. To us, it is essential to follow the evolution of the market and to be lined up with the most modern resources of convergence and communication.

Tellfree Brasil has chosen a SIP turnkey solution that solves many of the scalability and resilience issues they were confronted with their current platform. The demand was for a cost effective scalable system that can accommodate Tellfree Brasil fast growth in the coming years. AG Projects solution is good match for Tellfree requirements.

Adrian Georgescu, Founder and CEO of AG Projects:

As most of our customers, Tellfree has already good experience with open source VoIP systems and they were looking for the right company to support their growth by delivering a carrier class platform with a good service track

AG Projects 'Multimedia Service Platform' provides a carrier class scalable SIP platform that employs the most tested individual open-source components of the SIP vendor market. AG Projects components complete a robust SIP signaling core with all necessary systems to achieve the provisioning, accounting, addressing, numbering and NAT traversal functions.

About Tellfree Brasil

Founded in the beginning of 2005, Tellfree Brasil is one of the main IP telephony companies in Brasil and is present today in 121 cities all over the country. Until the end of the year, Tellfree Brasil must expand its area of performance to close to 190 cities, including all the capitals and also the main cities of Brazil. Low long distance calls tariffs and good quality calls, besides its broad franchising network all over the country, are part of its strategy to become, in 2008, the biggest IP telephony company of Latin America, either in terms of infra-structure and of commercialized minutes. For more information, visit

About AG Projects

AG Projects provides since 2002 SIP turnkey solutions for cable companies, Internet service providers and telecom operators. Having a broad experience in Internet technologies, AG Projects is a skilled vendor able to provide and integrate the key infrastructure elements required for providing real-time communications services like VoIP, IM and Presence.


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