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AG Projects launches MSRP relay

AG Projects launches MSRPRelay, an Open Source implementation of IETF standard RFC 4976. MSRP relay is an extension to the MSRP protocol (RFC 4975). Its main role is to help NAT traversal of Interactive Messaging and file transfer sessions for SIP/MSRP endpoints located behind NAT.

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AG Projects exhibits at SIP 2008

The 9th edition of the International SIP conference will take place in Paris on January 29 to February 1 st, 2008 . The event will be jointly organized with the Triple Play Showcase (TVoDSL 2008 and the second edition of the Mobile TV World Congress) . SIP has evolved to become not only the protocol of choice for deploying enhanced voice and data services, it has also become the future choice of how service providers will trade voice traffic for basic calls and enhanced services. The International SIP conference has followed this trend for height years now, as the most important worldwide event entirely dedicated to this technology. Uper Side is expecting more than 300 delegates in January 2008.

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AG Projects launches its SIP Presence system

AG Projects launches its SIP Presence system based on SIP SIMPLE standards.

AG Projects has launched a set of Open Source software components needed for the implementation of scalable Presence services based on SIP SIMPLE suite of protocols. The software is available at while the free SIP service with Presence features is provided at

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SIP SIMPLE workshop, IIR 2007, London

Adrian Georgescu provides on the 5-th of November 2007 a SIMPLE technical training in one day workshop at IIR's Telecoms Signalling Forum 2007 conference held in London.

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AG Projects develops Open Source MSRP suite

NLNet foundation funds AG Projects initiative for the development of the first Open Source MSRP suite. Message Session Relay Protocol (MSRP) is a protocol for transmitting a series of related Instant Messages in the context of a session, which may be negotiated using the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

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Infrastructure ENUM 2007

On October 11th 2007 in den Hague, Carrier ENUM was the main topic of a conference organized by the Dutch Internet Society SIP Special Interest Group (SIP SIG).

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AG Projects launches OpenXCAP

AG Projects launched OpenXCAP, an open source implementation of an easy extensible, fully featured XCAP server with TLS security and support for multiple realms.

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Future of VoIP 2007

Michiel Leenaars and Adrian Georgescu organize the second edition of Future of VoIP.

The SIP protocol is now revolutionizing the way we communicate in our everyday life. Just as various network and messaging systems that forged the today's Internet merged and followed a single standard, the need for interoperability between walled garden real-time communication islands like Skype, MSN, Yahoo, Google and the telecom industry spearheaded SIP as the protocol to bridge and realize inter-domain seamless communications across the Internet.

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Peer-to-Peer Session Initiation Protocol (P2PSIP)

P2PSIP working group will be born at ETF68 (Prague). This new protocol will enable a new range of prosumer orineted services that will be made possible by moving  inteligence from the network into the end user devices.

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