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AG Projects selected by ANISP

AG Projects selected by ANISP to build the ENUM provisioning platform for top level domain (ITU +40 country code)

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Future of VoIP 2005

Adrian Georgescu and Michiel Leenars organize Future of VoIP event in den Hague, Netherlands.

ENUM and SIP are revolutionizing the telecom sector and the internet by merging their services into a global network. Mobile operators as well as landline providers start bundling Internet access with SIP based communications. Voice becomes another application over the Internet. On the long term, from the existing telephoney network (PSTN, or public switched telephone network) only the phone numbers will remain (to be exact, the E.164 numbering plan) while mobile and fixed services will converge in the same terminal.

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Fall Von 2005, Boston

Adrian Georgescu speaks about ENUM and SIP open source developments at Fall Von 2005 in Boston.

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ETSI results for the first ENUM plugtest

The ENUM Plugtests event held by ETSI proved that ENUM technology reached a stage where it is important to learn how to interoperate implementations which are now live in different countries and private networks.

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