Now you can Blink!

Blink is a fully featured and easy to use SIP client. Blink was born to replace the current proprietary real-time communication solutions available on the market today with a future-proof alternative based on Open Source and Open Standards. For more information visit

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OpenXCAP version 1.1.1

There is a new release of OpenXCAP (1.1.1) and collateral software soap-simple-proxy (1.0.7), python-xcaplib (1.0.10) available. These releases contain bug fixes discovered at the last SIPIT in Tokio and better compatibility with and checks for the software they depends upon. For more information go to

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CallControl release 2.0.4

There is a new release of CallControl prepaid application available, it contains various bug fixes and compatibility with latest CDRTool rating engine.

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CDRTool version 6.8.0

CDRTool version 6.8.0 has been released. The software contains bug fixes and new features related to partitioning of data for multiple resellers.

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End of life product announcement

Multimedia Service Platform based on OpenSER 1.3 and MediaProxy 1 has reached its end of life. The new platform is based on OpenSIPS 1.4, MediaProxy 2, NGNPro 4 and CDRTool 6.7.

Customers are required to schedule a platform upgrade to migrate to the latest software versions. The migration requires changes in the SOAP/XML provisioning client. Customers can update their SOAP/XML clients by using AG Projects testing facility at:

The changelog for the latest software versions is found at:

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