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End of life product announcement

Multimedia Service Platform based on OpenSER 1.3 and MediaProxy 1 has reached its end of life. The new platform is based on OpenSIPS 1.4, MediaProxy 2, NGNPro 4 and CDRTool 6.7.

Customers are required to schedule a platform upgrade to migrate to the latest software versions. The migration requires changes in the SOAP/XML provisioning client. Customers can update their SOAP/XML clients by using AG Projects testing facility at:

The changelog for the latest software versions is found at:

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Call Control prepaid application for OpenSIPS

Call Control is a prepaid application that can be used together with OpenSIPS call_control module and CDRTool rating engine to limit the duration of SIP sessions based on a prepaid balance. It can also be used to limit the duration of any session to a predefined maximum value without debiting a balance.

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Release of SIP SIMPLE client

SIP SIMPLE client is a Python software library built on top of PJSIP that together with middleware allows for easy development of Client/Server and Peer-to-Peer Internet communications end-points based on SIP SIMPLE protocols for voice, video, presence, instant messaging (IM) and file transfer capabilities. For more information go to

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SIP SIMPLE gains traction through a reference open source implementation

November 25-th, 2008 Bucharest, Romania and Haarlem, Nederland The combined solution of OpenSIPs and OpenXCAP provides today the reference SIP SIMPLE server implementation. By developing this solution based on open-standards in an open source model, the customers are offered a future proof and business safe alternative compare to traditional closed vendor solutions.

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